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A discussion provides the opportunity for researchers to lead and engage with VOICE Members online on a particular topic.

In order to host a discussion you will need to;

  • Register as a member of Voice North and then subscribe to the discussion topic that you are leading on. This will be visible on the ‘Discussions’ area of the website.
  • As a subscriber to the discussion this means that you will be notified via an email each time a member comments.
  • We ask that you periodically monitor the conversation threads, myth busting (to monitor any ‘facts’ offered by the members and advise where necessary) and more generally participate in discussions to ensure we have an appropriate level of presence. We encourage an interactive learning environment.
  • Please do not use the discussion forum for recruitment of study participants or to collect information (or data) that will be directly used in research projects. Rather, it is intended that the content of the discussions will help to shape future research questions. 

On receipt of the form we will aim to contact you with a response within 5 working days. If you have any questions about discussions please contact the team.

Please tell us why you would like to submit a diiscussion topic. If it is related to a project, please provide some background information.
Please enter your discussion question below.

To ensure the quality of online discussions, you will be expected to monitor & manage this discussion by regularly responding to Voice members' comments. Please advise the time period that you will be able to do this effectively (minimum duration of 1 week);