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Working across the UK and into Europe, VOICE provides opportunities for the public to get involved in shaping research and developing new products and services for living longer, healthier lives.

By sharing your ideas, knowledge and experience you can influence innovators, researchers and policy makers to ensure they focus .


VOICE supports the public in getting involved in research and innovation to contribute their ideas, knowledge and experience.

If you would like to involve VOICE members in your work or just submit an online poll, survey or topic for discussion, please click the relevant button below.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by calling the VOICE office on 0191 208 1288 or emailing us at [email protected].

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Our aim is to help the public get involved in research and innovation and contribute their ideas, knowledge and experience.

We work with businesses, researchers, voluntary and community organisations and public bodies. Through the VOICE digital platform we have regional, national and international reach.

We can help to:

  • Facilitate workshops
  • Undertake online surveys and polls
  • Host discussion forums and online debate
  • Support the recruitment of public members to project and steering groups
  • Organise and promote themed events
  • Support patient and public involvement in research and innovation


“We are VOICE and contribute our knowledge, ideas, insights and accumulated life experience”

VOICE member

“We can help improve the focus, quality, relevance and impact of research and innovation”

VOICE member

“As VOICE members we are keen to be involved and can help shape social and technological innovation”

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