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Newcastle upon Tyne

Citizen Involvement Matters

This is an opportunity to provide feedback on research project ideas and other q...

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  • 05/03/2018 (cut off 26/02/2018) - 1 hour
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
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Newcastle upon Tyne

NUAGE Lecture Series 2018

This is an opportunity to attend the lectures for the Newcastle University NUAGE...

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  • This opportunity has multiple dates
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
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Cycling Without Age

Over the past few months, myself and a small team of volunteers have been working to bring Cycling Without Age to Newcastle. Cycli...

VOICE: 10 years and thriving

VOICE North was established in Newcastle back in 2007 – and so in 2018 it seems particularly timely to reflect and celebrate all w...

  • 17/01/2018
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New research shows explaining things to 'normal' people can help scientists be better at their jobs

In times when fake news and alternative facts circulate in society, spreading scientifically based findings is more important than...

  • 04/12/2017
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