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The Development of Episodic Memory in Healthy Human Infants

The Development of Episodic Memory in Healthy Human Infants


An opportunity to take part in a study to help understand if memory tasks used with infants are accurately measuring what they are supposed to be.

  • Monday 5th December 2016 09:00
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Taking Part

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The aim of the project is to understand how memory develops during in infancy. The researcher is particularly interested in the development of episodic memory, which is our memory of personal past experiences, and how this is supported by our experience of the environment in which we live. More specifically, the researcher wants to investigate how the onset of independent locomotion (e.g. crawling, learning to walk …etc.) affects infants’ ability to understand their spatial environments, and subsequently, their ability to form and recollect memories of events.

In this component of the study, the researcher is asking different groups of adults to participate in the tasks they have designed to test infants’ memory and their understanding of their spatial environments. This is to ensure that all of the tests are working correctly, and that they are measuring what the researcher hopes they are measuring. 

Volunteer Criteria

The researcher is looking for participants both male and female aged 55-75.

What will I be asked to do?

Participants will be asked to complete three short, simple computer-based tasks, which involve looking at pictures and videos presented on a computer screen. As these tasks are designed for infants, when you perform some of tasks you will be given no specific instructions on what to do. While you are looking at these pictures the research will be remotely monitoring your eye movements. By examining where you are looking at on the screen they can make inferences about how you are processing the pictures. You will also be asked some brief questions regarding what you have seen in the videos afterwards and may be shown some child-friendly objects.

You will be free to stop the test at any stage.

When & where?

There are no specific dates for the study. Once you have registered your interest, the researcher will be in touch to arrange an appointment. This will be on a Monday-Friday, between 9am-5pm. Appointments will last approximately 1 hour.

The study will take place at the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University Medical School.

Will I get anything for taking part?

 Participants will receive £5 per hour of their time.


Institute of Neuroscience, Henry Wellcome Building, Medical School
Framlington Place, Newcastle University
Newcastle upon Tyne

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Taking Part

This opportunity has already taken place

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