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Social interaction in Newcastle: Online Discussion

Social interaction in Newcastle: Online Discussion


This is an opportunity to contribute your views, experience and ideas to an online discussion about a research project on social interaction in Newcastle. Jenny Liddle and Holly Standing will be responding to comments 26th July - 2nd August.

  • Wednesday 26th July 2017 09:00
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We plan to talk to older people living in a particular area of Newcastle. Our aim is to speak to people with different experiences and views of being connected/isolated and/or lonely in their lives now and in the past.

We would like your help in choosing a title that is easy to understand and captures the topic of our research.

  • What sort of title do you think would work best to explain clearly what the study is about?
  • What would be most meaningful to people reading our posters and information sheets about the study?
  • What should we include or avoid in the title to encourage people to take part?

For example, it is often said that people feel there is stigma attached to the term ‘loneliness', so we might imagine that this word could be off-putting to some people. Alternatively, there may be people who feel that terms like ‘lonely' or 'isolated' match their experiences well and they would welcome the opportunity to talk about feeling lonely.

We have put together a list of possible titles as a starting point, and would like to hear your views on these options. Please feel free to contribute your own ideas and suggestions in the discussion as well!

Please select the title that you think best describes the project or comment below with your own suggestions

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Taking Part

This opportunity has already taken place

Social interaction in Newcastle: Online Discussion Discussion

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