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Medication, Medication, Medication: Online Discussion

Medication, Medication, Medication: Online Discussion


This is an opportunity to contribute your views, experience and ideas about taking multiple medications through an online discussion. Dr Dapo Ogunbayo will be moderating the discussion and replying to comments from Monday 24th - Friday 28th July but it is open for you to leave your comments before then.

  • Monday 24th July 2017 09:00
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The aim is to elicit opinions and discussions about what is important to older people, family members and members of the public about taking multiple medicines and how research can help address these concerns.

Discussion themes

-          Taking prescribed and non-prescribed medicines - how many medicines is ‘too many’?

-          When to stop taking medicines?

-          Getting help and support about medicines from both health and non-health sources?

Medicines are perhaps the most effective intervention provided by the NHS.  GPs and other clinicians prescribe medicines by following evidence-based guidelines that have been researched and developed predominantly for single health conditions. With increasing life expectancy, there are now more people living with more than one single health condition than ever before.  This in turn means that people are having to take many more medicines to manage these conditions and improve their quality of life.  People who are aged 80 years and over are the fastest growing age group in the UK and the concurrent use of five or more prescribed medicines is now quite common among this age group.

Whilst medicines are intended to be therapeutic when ‘optimised’ and used correctly, recent questions have been raised around the long-term benefit, safety and cost in relation to the number of medicines being taken especially by older adults.  In this discussion series, we would like to explore and understand the challenges of taking many medicines for multiple health conditions by you, a family member or someone else that you know.  Medicines here refers to all pills, syrups, ointments, puffers or injections that have either been prescribed or bought without a prescription, e.g. over-the-counter at a pharmacy or via the internet.

Are there any particular questions or concerns about how medicines are prescribed and supplied, how they work and interact with one other, practical problems with taking them (e.g. with packaging, containers, etc) and any other issues directly or indirectly about the number of medicines taken?

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This opportunity has already taken place

Medication, Medication, Medication: Online Discussion Discussion

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