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Help inform our research on pregnancy and cardiovascular health

Help inform our research on pregnancy and cardiovascular health


This is an opportunity to join an online discussion to inform pre-pregnancy cardiovascular health research

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Taking Part

This opportunity has already taken place


Women with high body mass index or obesity and/or high blood pressure may be at risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia during their pregnancy.

We are conducting a study exploring pre-pregnancy cardiovascular health with the aim of testing interventions to lower blood pressure and improve heart health prior to pregnancy to optimise conditions for pregnancy. 

To help inform the development and design of the study we plan to hold an online discussion group with women who may be planning a pregnancy, are pregnant, or have been pregnant who also have underlying cardiovascular risk factors.

Volunteer Criteria

We want to involve up to 12 women who are:

  • considering becoming pregnant or planning a pregnancy
  • are pregnant or have been pregnant

and have the following risk factors:

  • high body mass index or obesity and/or
  • high blood pressure.

Please note, if application numbers exceed our planned capacity, we will select members based on diversity of experiences, perspectives, and age to ensure the discussion offers a wide representation of views.

If you have any queries or questions about the opportunity or the volunteer criteria please get in touch the research team via the 'Get in Touch' section

What will I be asked to do?

You will be involved in an online discussion with the researchers and other women about the general research topic, the proposed research questions and research design.

The meeting will be 1 - 2 hours long. This will be a one-off meeting, however there may be further opportunities throughout the project for involvement

When and where?

This will be an online discussion group which will take place either on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. The discussion group will take place the week commencing the 14th December 2020. Timing will be flexible to the availability of those involved.

Will I get anything for taking part?

We will reimburse you for contribution per hourly basis and Wi-Fi costs as per NIHR Centre for Engagement and Dissemination's Reimbursement Policy.

How do I take part?

If you are interested in taking part in this opportunity, please click the green button "I would like to take part" at the top of this page to register your interest online.

All applications will be reviewed regularly by the opportunity owner. Those who meet the involvement criteria and represent a diversity of perspectives will be contacted inviting them to the online discussion group.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to involve everyone who applies if the number of applications exceed the quota for this opportunity. Priority will be given to establishing a diverse group of people who bring a wide range of experience and perspectives.

Registration will close on Monday 7th December 2020. Applicants will be contacted before this date if invited to take part.

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Get In Touch

If you would like further information about this opportunity, or have any queries, please get in touch with Olive Adams via the following email address:


Taking Part

This opportunity has already taken place

Help inform our research on pregnancy and cardiovascular health Discussion

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