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MISFIT (Maximising Inclusiveness in Sports through Female-centric Innovation and Technology)

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MISFIT (Maximising Inclusiveness in Sports through Female-centric Innovation and Technology) is a project that will provide a new service to monitor movement to help women of all ages (specifically women aged 50+) to participate safely in sports.

Through leggings embedded with movement sensors that can capture biomechanics (joint angle, range of movement, quality of movement, fatigue), the project aims to enable affordable self-care/self-monitoring for women to engage safely in sports and exercise, while limiting pain, discomfort or risk of injury. This data will inform the design of a new range of sports footwear that support the specific foot shapes of older women.

Additionally, the data collected will offer data-driven activity supervision for physiotherapists, doctors, fitness professionals, etc. The large-scale data analysis will allow researchers to understand women’s biomechanics, an area that has been overlooked up until now.

Overall, MISFIT should encourage women to participate in sports and remain active as they age, without fear of pain or injuries, providing the known benefits of continuous and sustained physical activity on health, happiness and mental wellbeing.

MISFIT will build on KYMIRA's award-winning sports apparel solutions, which will be adapted for older females. The project uses smart garments equipped with sensors and pressure measuring insoles, to capture and integrate kinematic (movement), kinetic (force) and physiological data during everyday sports. MISFIT will enable large-scale data-gathering to provide population-level insights into injury mechanisms and optimum exercise regimes as women get older. MISFIT will translate the data and learnings to provide a sports advisory service to users. In a further innovation, award-winning sports footwear developer Ida Sports will use the service to inform the user-centric design of a new range of sports footwear to support women to continue in sport participation as they age.

MISFIT is innovative in making biomechanics monitoring affordable and accessible to a critically underserviced and overlooked market, narrowing the gap in accessibility between the richest and poorest and providing a step change over existing activity monitors which focus on simple physiological health proxies (heart rate and step count).

Image Courtesy of the Centre For Ageing Better

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