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Healthcare services teaching for postgraduate university students

Share your experiences of healthcare services with postgraduate university students

  • Wednesday 6th November 2019 13:50 (2 hours, 30 mins)
  • Public/Patient Representative
  • Influence


Students undertaking various healthcare courses at Newcastle University are given the opportunity to take part in interactive teaching about NHS healthcare services. This takes place in a "learning lab" environment so that students can work together in groups, with members of the public to discuss various perspectives, issues and questions about healthcare services.

It is of benefit for the students to meet with members of the public and to seek their views about NHS healthcare services and to discuss the benefits and problems with current healthcare services. This will help the students to contextualise their learning in the real world.

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone is welcome take part. You do not need to be an expert on healthcare services, but it is important that each volunteer has had, either direct or indirect, experience of using the NHS (as a patient or relative/carer).

A collaborative perspective is essential and a willingness to remain calm yet passionate about healthcare would be ideal.

What will I be asked to do?

During the facilitated discussions, you will work with a small group of students to discuss examples of healthcare services.

For example, one discussion might focus on 'Access to care'. So instead of going to their GP, how might a patient use Pharmacy services or a Physio. Another discussion might consider whether or not accident and emergency services meet the needs to people with chronic illnesses, or in what ways might compassionate care be improved in every NHS contact?

You will be invited to share your views on the way that healthcare services run. It is anticipated that you may wish to share your own personal health stories at various stages throughout the discussion, but this is not essential. 

Teaching staff will be present to answer questions and to supervise the discussions.

The session involves postgraduate students who are studying for a Master's in Clinical Science at the University.

The schedule is planned as follows:

13:50 - Meet module lead in the main reception of the Herschel Building, Newcastle University
13:55 - 14:10 - Briefing and tea/coffee for volunteers
14:10 - 15:00 - Facilitated group discussions (Q&A from students)
15:00 - 15:15 - Refreshment break
15:15 - 16:15 - Facilitated feedback from each of the 5 groups
16:15 - 16:20 - Wrap up & close

When and where?

This will take place on Wednesday 6th November 2019, 13:50-16:20.

It will take place in the Herschel Learning Lab, Herschel Building, Newcastle University.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Travel expenses will be reimbursed.


  • Herschel Learning Lab
  • Herschel Building, Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 7RU

Healthcare services teaching for postgraduate university students Discussion

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  • Ian Armstrong
    4th October 2019

    I think I have been in & out of ALL the hosps in the North inc the Freeman Sunderland & Newcastle. 53years of T1, Still at work & know Prof Shaw quite well. Have walked from Ncle ctl station to Wylaham with NUK team or DRS

  • Ian Armstrong
    4th October 2019
  • Ian Armstrong
    1st October 2019

    Hi I have been a T1 diabetic since a big Team won the World Cup. In & out of hosp nearly all my life but I wont give in. I do various things to try & help the fantastic NHS. I go on various forums to help others.