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Five Giants Conference

Attend a conference on health inequalities and human rights.

  • Thursday 25th April 2019 08:30 (8 hours, 15 mins)
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The Institute of Health and Society and the Law School at Newcastle University are hosting a conference on health inequalities and human rights on 25th April 2019 in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In the 1940s William Beveridge wrote a report looking at ways to heal Britain after the war. He found five important and basic problems that needed to be addressed: poverty, disease, education, housing, and employment. The findings of this report led to the birth of many public services in the UK including social security and the NHS. 

After years of austerity and in a climate of uncertainty, it is now more necessary than ever to examine the link between human rights and the social justice agenda.

This conference will be chaired by Professor Fiona Godlee, BMJ Editor and aims to explore these issues in the context of today's society in relation to human rights and health inequalities.

The conference is part of the research agenda of the IHS Article 22 project, which aims to understand the law and policy changes we need to secure economic and social rights in the UK.

The conference will include three panels which address three social rights issues at the core of Beveridge’s five giants:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • Long term care

Each panel will include individuals who have first hand experience of the topic area, as well as researchers and practitioners. Panels will present the scale and nature of the issue, its impact and causes, and identify potential policy solutions. Each panel will be facilitated by an expert in the area. The panels will be followed by a roundtable discussion with MPs and City Council representatives.

Evening Lecture

Following the conference Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Director of the UCL Institute of Health Equity and Chair of the IHS Advisory Board will deliver an evening lecture. Professor Marmot is the Immediate Past President of the World Medical Association and chaired the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health between 2005 and 2008. For more information on the evening lecture, please click here. 


8:30-9:00 - Registration, tea & coffee
9:00-9:10 - Welcome address
Professor Allyson Pollock, Director of the Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University
Professor Rhona Smith, Head of the Law School at Newcastle University
9:10-10:55 - Right to social security and right to food
Professor Lorna McGregor, Professor of Law and Director of Human Rights Centre, University of Essex
A lived-experience testimony
Professor Martin Caraher, Professor of Food and Health Policy at City, University of London
Robbie Davison, Director of Can Cook Liverpool
Dr Elisabeth Garratt, Research Fellow at the Centre for Social Investigation, Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Dr Mandy Cheetham, Research Associate in Public Health at Teesside University
10:55-11:15 - Coffee break
11:15-12:45 - Right to housing
Professor Aoife Nolan, Professor of International Human Rights Law, University of Nottingham
A lived-experience testimony
John Boughton, Social historian and author of "Municipal dreams: the rise and fall of council housing"
Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Professor of Housing and Social Policy, Heriot-Watt University
Dr Amy Clair, Research Fellow in Social Policy, University of Essex
12:45-13:30 - Lunch
13:30-15:00 - Right to health and long-term care
Dr Katie Boyle, Associate Professor in International Law, University of Stirling
A lived-experience testimony
Professor Barbara Hanratty, professor of Primary Care and Public Health, Newcastle University
Professor Julie Froud, Professor of Financial Innovation, University of Manchester
Professor Charlene Harrington, Professor of Emeritus of Sociology and Nursing, University of California San Francisco
15:00-15:15 - Coffee break
15:15-16:30 - Round table discussion
Professor Fiona Godlee, BMJ Editor (Chair)
Professor Peter Kelly, Centre Director, Public Health England North East
Sally Young, CEO, Newcastle Council for Voluntary Service
Professor Paul Johnstone, North of England Regional Director, Public Health England
16:30-16:45 - Concluding remarks
Professor Fiona Godlee, BMJ Editor
16:45 - Close


  • King's Hall, Armstrong Building
  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 7RU

Five Giants Conference Discussion

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  • Ian Fairclough
    9th March 2019

    Article 22 - Rights!

    If we are entitled to our "rights" and they are so easily obtained we will not appreciate and value them.

    Don't we have to earn our "Rights" by being good citizens?

    Don't we have to work for our "Rights" by contributing to society?

    Article 22 mentions "his" twice - there is no mention of "her" - do we assume that only men have rights?