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VOICE Research Support Group 2019-2020

Help researchers by providing feedback and ideas on their research proposals.

  • Wednesday 4th September 2019 10:00 (2 hours, 30 mins)
  • Public/Patient Representative
  • Influence


The VOICE Research Support Group was set up 5 years ago to support Newcastle University researchers with their public involvement. VOICE members have assisted researchers by providing early feedback on research proposals, lay summaries and other project documents which has contributed to project success for many researchers.

  • Do you have an interest in research?
  • Would you like to help researchers and give feedback on their projects?
  • Would you like to join a friendly group and meet other VOICE members?

We are looking for volunteers who enjoy discussing and learning about research and want to help influence the direction of research projects on a wide variety of topics by attending a series of meetings in Newcastle.

Volunteer Criteria

To be a member of the VOICE Research Support Group you must:

  • Be aged 18 or over
  • Be willing to commit to 11 meetings a year (though we understand other commitments might sometimes need to take priority)
  • Be willing to support researchers and provide them with feedback
  • Be able to listen to listen to other members' viewpoints in a group setting

No particular skills or experience is required, just enthusiasm and a willingness to get involved. 

We welcome new and returning members!

What will I be asked to do?

At Research Support Group meetings, you will meet a researcher with the rest of your group. The researcher will give a short presentation about their work or project and will usually have a document they would like to hear your thoughts on, or specific questions about their project they would like to discuss with you. You will be asked to give your feedback, advice and ideas within a group setting.

Details of each meeting will be circulated with the group in advance so you will have time to read through the documents before the meeting.

You might also occasionally be asked to provide feedback via email for a researcher who is unable to attend a meeting.

The first meeting in September will include a short introductory session to the group.

The Research Support Group has terms of reference, click here to view them.

When and where?

Meetings will take place on the first Wednesday of every month from September 2018 until July 2020. (Please note the meeting in January will take place on the second Wednesday of the month, 8th January). The meetings will take place from 10:00-12:00 in Newcastle upon Tyne. Details of the location will be confirmed to members before each meeting.

The first meeting will be Wednesday 4th September.

Will I get anything for taking part?

  • Refreshments will be provided
  • Travel expenses will be reimbursed
  • You will receive an induction and support pack
  • A sociable activity where you can meet other VOICE members
  • A chance to meet researchers and learn about their work

Our former members' experiences of being a member of the Research Support Group

“Having something to look forward to, and contributing to the future of patient care and clinical research are the important feel good factors I needed in retirement. During my career as a civil servant I always enjoyed the commitment of challenging voluntary work because it was given from personal experience of shared needs.

The VOICE Research Support Group has given me that same feel good factor with their options of voluntary commitment I could not find elsewhere because of ill health and age. Making something positive out of personal setbacks, while contributing to patient care and clinical research, is a worthwhile contribution to the future”
VOICE Research Support Group member  

“It has made us proud of our city and of the opportunities VOICE offers people at our stage of life. We have also enjoyed the company of colleagues and of hearing other voices with different life experiences and career backgrounds”
VOICE Research Support Group member


  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 7RU

VOICE Research Support Group 2019-2020 Discussion

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  • Cal Desmond-Pearson
    26th August 2019

    I applied to join the Group and replied to your email saying that I had been accepted. I still haven't received any details about the first meeting.

    VOICE Head Office
    27th August 2019

    Hi Cal, details of the first meeting will be circulated this week.