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VOICE at Imperial Advisory Team Public Representative

An opportunity to advise on the progress and delivery of VOICE at Imperial and the national VOICE strategy.

  • Public/Patient Representative
  • Influence


The purpose of the VOICE at Imperial Advisory Team is to:

  • Advise the VOICE support team at Imperial College London on the development and delivery of its objectives;
  • Advise on the development of the national VOICE strategy;
  • Actively support the growth and development of VOICE at Imperial, including partnerships and collaborations;
  • Globally communicate and champion VOICE;

The Advisory Team will promote the VOICE ethos and values set nationally by Newcastle University, including:

  • Experience matters – e.g., to value the lived and professional experience and mental capital of members of the public
  • Knowledge matters – e.g., to believe in knowledge exchange with members of the public, researchers/scientists and businesses
  • Needs and priorities matter – e.g., to identify and address key needs and priorities of the public through co-design and co-development
  • Diversity matters – e.g., to support accessible involvement and broaden the diversity of those involved in our activities
  • Aspiration matters – e.g., to create a positive culture of aspiration and innovative thinking
  • Challenge matters – e.g., being critical to deliver different insights as to what is needed, priorities and gaps, and to identify, co-design and co-develop innovative solutions or approaches

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone over the age of 16 living in North or West London and with an interest in shaping research and innovation. Additionally,

  • Must be able to work as part of a team;
  • Have a friendly and approachable manner;
  • Be reliable and trustworthy;
  • Respect others views and opinions;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Be comfortable speaking in front of others and asking questions;
  • IT skills – using email, managing meeting papers, reviewing and commenting on documents online. This is preferable. If an Advisory Team member does not have these, it is possible that other arrangements can be made for communication and dissemination of papers.

To ensure fresh perspectives and diversity in our work, priority will be given to those who fill the criteria and have not been involved in Imperial College priorities and activities before. 

What will I be asked to do?

Examples of tasks which you may be asked to do are as follows:

  • Advising on ways to recruit patients and members of the public to VOICE;
  • Designing and commenting on materials related to VOICE such as drafts, strategic plans, evaluation tools, questionnaires, patient information sheets and consent forms including the use of lay language;
  • Disseminating, e.g. in other organisations or networks, writing progress reports or newsletters/blogs, lay summaries of research results, giving public talks, presenting at conferences and events, being a co-author on a journal article or newsletters;
  • Promote awareness of and engagement with VOICE.

When and where?

The VOICE at Imperial Advisory Team shall meet quarterly for two/three hours with business requiring urgent attention being dealt with by correspondence in between.

Longer or more frequent meetings may be agreed to discuss certain actions and priorities, especially at the early development of the platform at Imperial. The quorum shall be two-thirds of the full members.  Ideally, members will attend all meetings in person. Measures for call-in will be arranged as an alternative or, if this is not possible, comments should be sent to the chair prior to the missed meeting. Three consecutive meetings missed will be regarded as a resignation from the Team.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Public representatives on the VOICE at Imperial Advisory Team will be paid for attendance at meetings in line with current INVOLVE best practice guidelines. In addition, reimbursement will be made for any legitimate expenses incurred in participation in the VOICE at Imperial Advisory Team once these have been approved, in advance wherever possible, by VOICE at Imperial support staff at Imperial College London.


  • Imperial College London, St Mary's Campus
  • Praed Street
  • London
  • W2 1PG

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