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Understanding privacy concerns of older adults when using the ACANTO system

An opportunity to take part in an online survey about online privacy.

  • Friday 30th December 2016 12:00 (25 mins)
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As part of the ACANTO project, the researchers are designing a system to improve the physical and social well-being of older adults. There are two interlinked aspects of the system: a walker that will assist older adults by diagnosing walking-problems and recommending exercises, and an online social network that will link users based on shared interests and will recommend shared activities. The project utilises the principles of user-centred design by seeking to design a system that places the users' desires and needs at the centre of the design process.

Modes of privacy refer to different ways in which privacy is achieved (e.g. through anonymity or through intimacy with friends) and reasons/functions of privacy identifies the reasons for why those modes of privacy are deemed desirable (e.g. freedom to explore one's identity or freedom for self-expression). These functions of privacy have not been explored in relation to online social network systems nor with relation to older adults and thus the research furnishes an opportunity for theoretical advance as well as information on how to design the system.

Researcher: Dr Umair Akram


The aim of this survey is to examine the types of privacy required by different people for the specific functions associated with the ACANTO system. Such functions include: access to profile information, access to health information, location tracking, and activity monitoring. Specifically, the research aims to determine the extent that older adult users may be likely to disclose different types of personal information.

Volunteer Criteria

Volunteers must be aged 60 or over.

What will I be asked to do?

Participants will be asked to complete an online survey. This will take approximately 25 minutes.

The survey will be available online until 30th December 2016.

Understanding privacy concerns of older adults when using the ACANTO system Discussion

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