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The People's Research Cafe

A café with a twist. Join Imperial College researchers at the coffee table as they get your thoughts on how to improve their research over an informal cuppa.

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What's it about?

As part of this year's The Great Exhibition Road Festival - a free celebration of science and art in South Kensington - Imperial will be hosting 'The People's Research Cafe' alongside a number of other activities.

The People's Research Café is a café with a twist. Grab a coffee and take a seat next to Imperial College researchers wanting to hear your views on how to improve their research. Our researchers are very knowledgeable, but they believe the public’s lived experience of health and wellbeing can help make research better and more relevant to the public!

There will be a number of tables for you to join and a menu of topics to influence, such as:

  • Weight loss and diabetes improvement without surgery
  • A new test to remotely diagnose skin cancer
  • The iPREVENT fat curber juice drink
  • Dementia - is it our genes, environment or lifestyle?
  • Patients keeping information about what medicines they take on a smartphones app
  • Hazardous drinking and how to reduce the risk of death from liver disease

    and many more...

When and where?

Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June, 11am-5pm.

Find us in the marquee by the Queen's Tower.

Location: Queen's Lawn, Imperial College Road (Off Exhibition Road), London, SW7 2AZ.


  • Queen's Lawn
  • Imperial College Road (Off Exhibition Road)
  • London
  • SW7 2AZ

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