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Session 2: Sharing the patient voice with Stage 1 pharmacy students

An opportunity to share your experience of living with specific health conditions with pharmacy students.

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As part of their 4-year pharmacy degree, students have 'patient voice' sessions where members of the public who have a health condition, or care for someone with a health condition, come and talk to small groups of students about the lived experience of their condition.

The aim of the sessions is to give the students an inside or person-centred perspective of the kind of impact any health condition has on a person and how these experiences can vary from patient to patient. We want the students to hear about the volunteers experiences of accessing care, receiving diagnosis and using medicines and the impact it has on daily life including work, family and social life. Students are in the 1st year of their training to be pharmacists. They have had little or no formal introduction to patients or actors as patients. This insight into patient experiences, will help them develop their empathy or understanding and think about [putting themselves into their patients’ shoes].

Volunteer Criteria

We are seeking volunteers with any health condition at all - as the focus is on experience of living with a health condition and taking medication. In particular, it would be good to tell them of your good and bad experiences of communicating with health professionals (to tie what the students have been learning about communication).

You must also be happy to share your lived experiences with the students.

What will I be asked to do?

Each session works a bit like speed dating! The students work in small groups moving from one volunteer to another at 10 minute intervals. There will be 4 or 5 pharmacy students per group within a room of up to 20 students. The students will have a relaxed chat and ask questions about your experiences under the supervision of an academic facilitator. Each small group will have about 10-15 minutes to chat with you. The groups will rotate around so that all the students will get an opportunity to speak with all the volunteers in the course of the session. 

They have not been given any standard questions. They have been told only to find out about your illness, how it affects you and what your experience of healthcare is like. If there is any question you do not want to answer then please say so, and ask the students to ask another question.

VOICE participants will play an integral part in developing the empathy of our future pharmacists through sharing their lived experiences.

When and where?

The session will take place on Tuesday 12th March, 1-5pm. However, if you are only able to to attend for 2 hours, 1-3pm or 3-5pm then that is also fine. Please specify when you would like to attend when registering to take part.

As the group of students changes every hour, there will be a very short comfort break of about 10 minutes every hour and a cup of tea /coffee and biscuits at 3pm.

The session will take place in Room B84, King George VI Building, School of Pharmacy, Newcastle University.

If you need help finding the room, please follow signs from the main entrance to School of Pharmacy reception.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Travel expenses within the North East will be reimbursed and light refreshments will be provided(tea, coffee, biscuits).


  • Room B84, King George VI Building
  • Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 4LF

Session 2: Sharing the patient voice with Stage 1 pharmacy students Discussion

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