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Safe Care for Adults with Complex Health Needs Questionnaire

An opportunity to have your say in deciding priorities for health research.

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We all expect our healthcare to be safe, but mistakes can happen that may put patients at unnecessary risk. Usually, researchers decide what healthcare research is done. However, this survey is allowing healthcare staff, patients, carers and the public to have a voice in deciding on the priorities for future research.

This short survey is about ranking priorities or "questions" for research to help make care safer for adults with complex health needs and prevent mistakes. People with complex health needs are those who have more than one illness or condition, or need care from more than one service, or care in more than one place.

The questions were identified by patients, carers, healthcare staff and members of the public across the UK, through our first survey during 2018. Thank you to everyone involved!

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone over 16 who is not currently doing healthcare research.

What will I be asked to do?

  • First, you will be asked to read a list of 48 questions and choose any of the ones you most want research to answer. These questions will be added to a “holding pen” where you can review them more easily.
  • On the next page, you will review the questions in your holding pen, and select the 10 questions that you think are most important. You will then be asked to rank those 10 questions in order of importance to you.

The survey is anonymous.

When and where?

It is recommended you do this survey on a computer rather than a smart phone, although it can work on a smart phone. It takes people between 15-30 minutes to do the survey. 

The survey closes on Monday 15th October.

Safe Care for Adults with Complex Health Needs Questionnaire Discussion

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