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Protein and recovery in active older adults

An opportunity to take part in a research study investigating the influence of dietary protein on recovery after strenuous exercise.

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Intense physical exercise can damage to the muscle, we are investigating how whole food protein feeding can enhance recovery of this type of exercise. Accelerating recovery after intense exercise can afford for more exercise to take place, generally improving the health of the individual.

Volunteer Criteria

The research team are looking for athletic male and female participants between the ages of 50-65. 

The definition of 'athletic' for this study is that you should regularly take part in competitive sport, e.g. running, cycling, swimming clubs etc.

If you are following a special diet that excludes certain foods (e.g. vegetarian/vegan) you will not be eligible for this study.

Participation is subject to satisfactory completion of a health history questionnaire.

What will I be asked to do?

After a 20 minute screening and familiarisation session, the study involves attending the laboratory at Newcastle University on 3 consecutive days.

Day 1
You will complete a range of measures to assess your baseline performance level before and after performing 120 squats (the entire visit will take approximately 75 minutes).

Day 2 & 3
You will then be asked to return to the lab on the following 2 days to assess how well you have recovered from the exercise task (each of these visits will take approximately 15 minutes).

When and where?

The study will take place at the NU-food Research Facilities in the Agriculture Building at Newcastle University.

Appointments will be arranged between you and the researcher.

Will I get anything for taking part?

You will received a £20 voucher for taking part.


  • NU-Food Research Facility
  • Agriculture Building, Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 4LB

Protein and recovery in active older adults Discussion

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  • Pauline
    3rd March 2019

    I am an active 65 year old woman. I run, cycle, play tennis and go to the gym regularly.

    I would like to be considered for this research. I am going on holiday to Australia for 3 weeks from 14th March until 7th April