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Pint of Science - Imperial College London

Hear from some fantastic speakers as they share their research insights over the course of three nights in a London pub.

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Pint of Science is a worldwide science festival that takes place 20-22 May and brings researchers to your local pub to present their latest scientific discoveries. This year, there'll be over 550 PoS events happening across more than 40 cities in the UK, covering nearly every kind of science you can imagine – there should be something for everyone.

Here at Imperial College London, we're supporting the theme "Beautiful Minds" with the following events:

The Bedford, Balham

77 Bedford Hill, Balham, London SW12 9HD

Monday 20th May: Sleepy, Happy, Grumpy? Linking sleep, mental health and well being

We all need sleep, just like we need to eat, drink and breathe! Our speakers will discuss the importance of good sleep in relation to our mental health and well being. We will be surprised if you nod off!


Tuesday 21st May: Depression and self-harm

Depression is the largest contributor to years of life lost due to disability worldwide. Tonight's speakers discuss how their innovative work is challenging this statistic. 

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Wednesday 22nd May: Dimensions of dementia research: from labs to living rooms

One in every three people will develop a form of dementia in their lifetime and, as yet, no cure exists. Hear about the approaches researchers are taking to better understand how dementia develops, as well as how new technologies are helping to look after patients in their own homes.

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  • The Bedford
  • 77 Bedford Hill, Balham
  • London
  • SW12 9HD

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