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Online Passport Renewals

This is an opportunity to help develop materials to help people renew a passport online.

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It is now possible to renew your passport online. However, many people find this process difficult. 

This project aims to understand the challenges of completing official tasks online, in particular the process of renewing a passport and to design and test prototype materials to help people renew a passport online.

Volunteer Criteria

As this research specifically deals with British passport renewal, you must be a British citizen to take part.

The researchers would like to work with Voice North members who have some online skills but do not identify themselves as being experts. E.g. are able to use email and the internet on a computer or tablet.

They would also like to work with some people who have already used, or would like to use, the internet to complete official tasks such as paying bills, renewing a driving license or passport and online banking but this is not essential.

What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to take part in two, 2 hour workshops.

In these workshops you will be asked to:

  • share your experiences of completing official tasks online
  • discuss the challenges you experience
  • test the current online passport renewal process
  • help researchers develop ideas for help materials
  • comment upon and test help materials

The workshops will be run by researchers from the UK Home Office and the Open Lab at Newcastle University.

Following the workshops, help materials will be further developed and sent out to people with specific North East postcodes for a larger scale evaluation.

When & where?

The workshops will take place on Thursday 1st February and Thursday 15th February, 14:00-16:00.

They will take place at the Urban Sciences Building, Newcastle University. This is a short walk from Central Station, St James Metro station and Haymarket bus station.

A researcher will meet you in the main foyer.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed and participants will receive a £15 Love2Shop voucher per workshop. Refreshments will also be provided.


  • Urban Sciences Building
  • Science Square, Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE4 5TG

Online Passport Renewals Discussion

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  • Ken Creen
    9th January 2018

    It's the type of exercise that would fill me with dread. The possibilities for putting the wrong information in the wrong place and being arrested, imprisoned and even executed are multitude and the chances of the programme crashing half way through are, on previous experience inevitable. I'd rather stick red-hot needles in my eyes while walking over burning coals. My recent experience of doing it in a newly opened Post-office was comparatively pleasurable, fast and efficient and resulted in a new 10 year passport arriving in less than half the threatened time. 2027 will come around all too soon if the facility for this normal procedure is taken away.

  • John Davies
    9th January 2018

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