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Imperial Q&A: COVID-19 Antibody Testing

As we ease out of lockdown, understanding how COVID-19 is progressing is essential, join researchers and clinical staff from Imperial College London as we talk all things testing.

  • Wednesday 22nd July 2020 17:15 (45 mins)
  • Live Stream
  • Influence


As we ease out of lockdown, understanding how the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing across England is essential. How many people have been infected and where? How does our body fight the virus?

We’re talking a lot about testing in the media, and this is the best tool we have to help us understand the situation and make decisions about how we tackle the virus.

Join Dr Christina Atchison and Prof Wendy Barclay as they talk all things testing, from checking how well they work to how easy they are to use at home. Ask questions, listen in and go behind the scenes with our COVID-19 Response Team.

How does the Q&A work?

  • It’s free and open to everyone
  • Please click the green button to register via Eventbrite
  • The session will be streamed live on YouTube. You will be sent the YouTube link before the event after registering via Eventbrite
  • We’ll start with some introductions and a bit of background on what our researchers are working on before moving quickly into answering your questions
  • We will be taking questions in the YouTube comments, or if you’d prefer, you can share your questions in advance via the discussion section below or by emailing them to [email protected]
  • You can ask as many questions as you like and we will get through as many as possible

When and where?

Wednesday 22 July
17:15-18:00 BST

This is a free online event.

Q&A Recording

If you would prefer to watch the session on Youtube, please click the following link:

About our speakers

Dr Christina Atchison is a Principal Clinical Academic Fellow at Imperial College London.

She is an Infectious Disease Epidemiologist with a clinical background. Her research interests include the evaluation of child and adolescent public health programmes.

Her current work on COVID-19 focuses on the REACT testing studies.

Professor Wendy Barclay is a Chair in Influenza Virology at Imperial College London. Her studies aim to understand the molecular and cellular basis of the how the disease progresses and is spread to others. 

In response to the pandemic, her lab’s current work has pivoted from influenza to the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2The lab's research includes basic virology, serology, immunology and environmental sampling. More detail here

Imperial Q&A: COVID-19 Antibody Testing Discussion

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