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Healthcare services teaching for postgraduate university students

An opportunity share your views and experience of NHS healthcare services with postgraduate students.

  • Wednesday 7th November 2018 12:40 (2 hours, 50 mins)
  • Workshop
  • Influence


Students undertaking various healthcare courses at Newcastle University are given the opportunity to take part in interactive teaching about NHS healthcare services. This takes place in a 'learning lab' environment so that students can work together in groups, with members of the public to discuss various problems and questions about healthcare services. It is of benefit for the students to meet members of the public to discuss the benefits and problems with current healthcare services to help the students to contextualise their learning to the real world.

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone can take part in this opportunity, no teaching experience is necessary.

What will I be asked to do?

During the seminars, volunteers will work with a small group (5-8) of students to discuss examples of healthcare services. For example, one discussion might focus on pharmacy services and explore what role of the pharmacist might have in supporting older people to take their medication. Another discussion might consider whether or not accident and emergency services meet the needs of people with chronic illnesses.

You will be invited to share your views on the way that healthcare services run, but you will not be expected to share any personal information about your own health. Further, you do not need to be an expert on healthcare services. Staff will be present to answer questions and to supervise the discussion.

The students you meet with are studying for a Master's in Clinical Science at Newcastle University.

The schedule is planned as follows:

12:40-13:20 - Briefing and lunch for volunteers
13:20 - 15:20 - Teaching seminar 1
15:20-15:30 - Debrief

When and where?

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 7th November, 12:40-15:30.

It will take place in the Herschel Learning Lab, First Floor Herschel Building, Newcastle University.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Travel expenses will be reimbursed and lunch and refreshments will be provided.


  • Herschel Learning Lab
  • First Floor Herschel Building, Newcastle University
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1 7RU

Healthcare services teaching for postgraduate university students Discussion

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  • Chris Walker
    8th November 2018

    You all missed out. It was excellent. More constructive opinions and interest than last year. There is hope yet!!

  • malcolm  carlile
    24th October 2018
  • Ian Fairclough
    15th October 2018

    YES - I wonder which would be the most beneficial to the students(?)

    WordSmith - I can resemble that remark - but I'm struggling with "hot-foot-it"

  • Ken Creen
    12th October 2018

    The Research Support Group programme had better be good that day, otherwise I might be tempted to "jump ship" and hot-foot-it over to the Herschel Learning Laboratory.

  • Steve Whitley
    12th October 2018
  • Steve Whitley
    12th October 2018