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Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Focus Groups: Improving patient safety

An opportunity for people with experience of gastrointestinal endoscopy to participate in a focus group as part of a research study run by researchers from Imperial College London.

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UPDATE (14.02.20)

Last few spaces remaining.

If your preferred focus group date is now fully booked, you can still select your preferred date and submit an application in order to be added to the waiting list. It is possible that people have to cancel last minute, in which case places will be offered to those on the waiting list on a first-come-first-served basis.


We are conducting focus groups to explore how patients can report safety incidents in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Endoscopy is the investigation of the gastrointestinal tract with long, flexible cameras. It is common with over 2.5 million procedures conducted each year in the UK. We know that with so many procedures being performed each year, we need to make sure measures for maintaining safety are upheld. However, we know that safety incidents – those events that can contribute to or cause patient harm – still occur in endoscopy. Detecting these incidents has it’s owns challenges due to the nature of current incident reporting systems and we know we do not capture all incidents that occur in endoscopy.

Over recent years, the concept of patient-reporting has arisen. This has been shown to be useful in detecting safety incidents, particularly as patients have a unique perspective of the care they receive.

We are therefore conducting a research study to investigate how we can develop a patient-reporting tool to detect safety incidents in endoscopy. 

Volunteer Criteria

  • Adults aged > 18 (any gender)
  • English-speaking
  • Ability to read and write in English
  • Ability to travel to London location for focus group
  • Previous exposure or experience of gastrointestinal endoscopy (patient, carer or relative)

What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to take part in a focus group with two researchers and 8-15 patient participants per group. You will be asked to take part in a series of facilitated group tasks. These explore how patients may be able to report incidents and safety issues in endoscopy.

When and where?

You can choose to attend any one of the following dates and locations: 

  • 25th February 10:00 - 12:00 at St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, Paddington, London W2 1NY [Google maps]
  • 27th February 14:00 - 16:00 at St Mark’s Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow, London HA1 3UJ [Google maps]
  • 11th March 10:00 - 12:00 at St Mary’s Hospital, Praed Street, Paddington, London W2 1NY [Google maps]

You need only attend one focus group.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Refreshments will be provided, and you will be paid £25/hour for reimbursement (as per INVOLVE guidelines).


  • London

Participant information

More information about this research study and guidance for potential participants can be found in this Patient Information Sheet.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Focus Groups: Improving patient safety Discussion

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  • Bernie
    23rd January 2020

    Is there an opportunity to contribute online to make comments about patient reporting and safety tool to detect safety incidents? I ask based on my personal experiences.

    24th January 2020

    Dear Bernie, thank you very much for your question. Unfortunately, as this is part of a research study, ethics approval has only been granted for the focus groups. However, I will pass your query onto the researcher to see if there's a way we can also collect suggestions and comments online to help inform current or future aspects of the study's plans or approach (i.e. public involvement) to help improve the research itself. I hope to get back to you soon.

    17th January 2020
  • MaminaNana
    17th January 2020

    I look forward to attending and contributing.

    19th January 2020

    Thank you for your support Elsie. The researcher in charge of this opportunity should be in touch soon.

    19th January 2020

    Thank you for letting us know Peter. We will let Dr Ravindran, the researcher in charge of this opportunity, know. They should get in touch with you soon to discuss options. Kind regards

  • Peter Stevenson
    17th January 2020

    I cannot travel to London - I am 92. But I am quite willing to answer questions on line.

    I am booked for 11 March.


    {Peter Stevenson