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EIT Health Innovation Day 2019

Work with students to develop ideas for products or services around the theme 'Bringing Care Home'.

  • Friday 8th November 2019 10:00 (10 hours)
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EIT Health Innovation Day is an intensive 1 day event bringing together students from across the North East with a wide variety of stakeholders to develop an innovative product or service around the health and ageing agenda. This year the theme is 'Bringing Care Home'.

VOICE members are invited to attend the event as collaborators. Unlike previous years (for those who have attended before), this year we are asking VOICE members to work with the students in their teams as team members. We are anticipating that this will enable co-design and co-creation opportunities, allowing students to learn from and with the VOICE members and other external stakeholders. Other stakeholders include NHS practitioners, academic staff members, local organisations, charities and start ups.

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone is welcome to take part.

What will I be asked to do?

The event is a full day and structured to take the participants (students and stakeholders) through a process of idea generation to pitching a developed solution within a competition. As part of a team you will explore what we understand by 'Bringing Care Home' and participate in a World Cafe where you get chance to move between groups discussing themes and questions to explore the problems found beneath each theme. 

Teams will then be tasked with developing an innovative product or service to solve the problems explored. They will be guided through a process of divergent and convergent thinking and the students will put together a pitch to demonstrate their idea to a panel of judges.

When and where?

The event is on day hosted on Friday 8th November from 10am-8pm (approximately). The venue and exact times are to be finalised but it will be hosted in a central Newcastle location. 

You do not need to attend all day, but it would be best if you are able to commit to a full morning and/or full afternoon. You are welcome to attend the whole day too.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Refreshments will be provided and travel expenses will be reimbursed. You can also receive a certificate of participation.


  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • NE1

EIT Health Innovation Day 2019 Discussion

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  • Clement O'Donovan
    21st September 2019

    A great initiative particularly in an area that urgently needs innovation.

  • Ian Armstrong
    20th September 2019

    I have just got a job with AGE UK. So I hope it helps,

    Charlotte Hope
    23rd September 2019

    Hi Ian. That is exciting. We are hoping to have a representative from ageUK on the day - it could be someone you know!

  • Ian Fairclough
    13th September 2019

    What are "external stakeholders"?

    " a wide variety of stakeholders " ?????

    Does "Bringing Care Home" = EIT Health? =

    Does "Charlotte Hope = Dr Charlotte Hope at Newcastle University ?

    Sometimes I wish you would get your "Opportunities" assessed as "lay summaries" - lol.

    Charlotte Hope
    13th September 2019

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for your comments. Let me try and address them.

    External stakeholders - external here refers to people outside of the university, such as VOICE members

    wide variety - i am still waiting on confirmation and so this is why the information is limited but i am hoping for a range from the following: NHS practitioners (e.g. GP, hospital) and other healthcare practitioners (e.g. care workers) start ups (tech/health focused), staff members from Newcastle University both academic and professional, VOICE members, charities (e.g. AgeUK)

    Bringing Care Home - yes. EIT Health fund this event and they have set the challenge for all 31 innovation days to work beneath. It is suitably vague to allow each institution to engage their own interpretation.

    Charlotte Hope - yes i am Dr Charlotte Hope from Newcastle University

    Anymore questions then please feel free to email me at


    Ian Fairclough
    13th September 2019

    Magic - thank you for that :)