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Clinical Science dissertations - 1-1 feedback on student's Lay Summaries

An opportunity to give feedback and advice to students on their lay summaries.

  • Multiple Dates
  • Public/Patient Representative
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Master's students are preparing their dissertation proposals, part of which is a lay summary. VOICE members are invited to meet with the students to provide feedback to students on their initial ideas of how to write their proposal for their dissertation into a lay summary. This will contribute to their Master's degree, but will also form part of any Research Ethics Committee approvals they have to obtain to go ahead with their project. 

A lay summary is a brief summary of a research project or research proposal that has been written for members of the public, rather than researchers or professionals. It should be written in plain English, avoid the use of jargon and explain any technical terms that have to be included.

Volunteer Criteria

Anyone is able to take part in this opportunity.

What will I be asked to do?

You will have meet with each student for 10 minutes. The student will explain their proposed dissertation in a way they think is understandable to a lay audience (or they may come with a written draft and explain it), then you will have the opportunity to give feedback on how understandable the summary was and advice on how to improve it. The discussion is intended to be informal - with the intention that by having to explain their project to you in accessible language will help the student realise which jargon to avoid and what level to pitch the summary at.

When and where?

There are 3 sessions planned. One volunteer is required per session.

Please note the sessions do not all have the same venue.

Tuesday 19th February 3.30pm – 5.30pm - Venue: Freeman Hospital, Medical Physics Department

Thursday 21st February 3.45pm – 5.45pm - Venue: Freeman Hospital, Medical physics Department.

Tuesday 26th February 10am – 5.30pm - Venue: Newcastle University Medical School.

For Freeman Hospital sessions: volunteers should meet Robyn Cooke at the hospital main entrance at 3pm, and Robyn will show you to the department. 

For Newcastle University Medical School sessions: volunteers should meet Robyn Cooke at the main entrance to the Medical School at Newcastle University at 9.30am, and Robyn will show you to room.

Will I get anything for taking part?

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, and lunch will be provided for the Tuesday 26th February session.

Clinical Science dissertations - 1-1 feedback on student's Lay Summaries Discussion

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  • Ian Fairclough
    8th February 2019

    Surely the logical way of doing this is for the students WRITE their Lay Summaries and VOICE members comment on the WRITTEN Lay Summary ?