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Become a Public Advisor to Imperial's Biomedical Research Centre

An opportunity to become a member of the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre Public Advisory Panel.

  • Public/Patient Representative
  • For Health Research

About the role

We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated members of the public who live, work or study in North or West London to join the existing Public Advisory Panel of the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

This role includes:

  • providing your opinions and perspectives at an early stage of Imperial BRC's biomedical research projects to ensure that the public/patient/carer perspective is taken into account 
  • being a strategic advisor on patient and public involvement* and engagement** (PPIE) to the Imperial BRC and the Patient Experience Research Centre (PERC), a core facility of the Imperial BRC
  • co-developing and co-delivering training on patient and public involvement 
  • promoting and advising on ways to reach, engage and involve diverse and seldom heard people and communities in research carried out within the Imperial BRC

What is the Imperial Biomedical Research Centre?

The Imperial BRC is a research partnership between Imperial College, London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. It is currently funded by a five year grant from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) until March 2022 and serves a highly ethnically diverse population of 2.3 million people in North-West London. The public, including patients and carers, are at the heart of the Imperial BRC and ensuring their involvement, engagement and participation in research is a key priority.

The Imperial BRC's research themes include:

  • Brain Sciences – improving understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and stroke
  • Cancer – improving personalised cancer and leukaemia care by identifying: markers within the body to help with individual care; and treatments to overcome resistance to currently-used drugs
  • Cardiovascular – research into atherosclerosis, serious coronary events, genetic disease, abnormal haemorrhage/stroke syndromes, and heart failure
  • Gut Health – new areas of experimental gastroenterology for conditions such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), pouchitis, obesity and allergies
  • Immunology (study of the immune system) – improving the diagnosis and treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, renal transplantation and glomerular, and chronic kidney disease
  • Infection & Antimicrobial Resistance – the study of bacteria, HIV immunology, tests at the point of patient care, healthcare associated infections and antimicrobial resistance, asthma, respiratory infection, global health, and the development of ways to model the spread of these diseases using maths
  • Metabolic Medicine & Endocrinology – preventing and treating obesity and type-2 diabetes, and their complications
  • Surgery & Technology – improving the quality and safety of surgery through technological innovations

Involvement Criteria

We are looking for people who:

  • Live, work or study in North or West London
  • Can provide a public perspective on research carried out by the Imperial BRC (this would mean you are not a healthcare professional or researcher, currently or in the past)
  • Can help to encourage interest from young people and/or those from diverse communities

No specific experience and/or understanding of the research themes covered by the Imperial BRC (see list above) is required. However, it may help if you:

  • Have some experience of medical research, whether as a participant in a research study, a carer/relative of someone who participated in research or if you have been involved in shaping or informing research as a public advisor (i.e. "public involvement"*);
  • Have a personal interest in or experience of a health topic covered by the Imperial BRC’s research; and/or
  • Links with a community group(s) or network(s)
"Public includes patients, potential patients, carers and people who use health and social care services as well as people from organisations that represent people who use these services." (NIHR INVOLVE)

What does being involved in research mean?

"Involvement" does not mean being a subject or participant in a research study or clinical trial.

*Public involvement is when the public are actively involved in shaping and informing research. In other words, research is carried out ‘with’ or ‘by’ members of the public rather than ‘to' them. This can include consultation around the acceptability, relevance and feasability of research questions and plans, co-development of research and communication materials, co-design of interventions and approaches, and much more.

**Public engagement is providing and disseminating information and knowledge about research to the public, including discussing and consulting the public. 

What will I be asked to do?

You will be asked to attend between four and six panel meetings per year alongside the other Public Panel Members. These meetings will be held:

  • At one of Imperial College's campuses (St Mary's in Paddington, South Kensington, Charing Cross in Fulham and Hammersmith or next to Hammersmith Hospital).
  • At times that are suitable for those who are studying or working, with each meeting lasting approximately two hours

There will also be opportunities to:

  • Be involved in co-designing and co-delivering training on public involvement to a mixed audience (researchers/the public/students)
  • Plan, advise on and co-deliver other public involvement activities supported by the Patient Experience Research Centre and the Imperial BRC

Will I get anything for taking part?

We will pay you for your time (approximately £25 per hour depending on the task) and reimburse you for your travel and other agreed expenses in accordance with NIHR INVOLVE's payment guidance.

We will also provide all necessary training and support.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in applying, please click the green button "I would like to apply" at the top of this page to submit an application online.

Registration for this role will close at 11pm on Sunday 8 March 2020.

We are intending to interview successful applicants in the week commencing 16 March 2020 at St Mary's campus in Paddington, London. Applicants will be contacted to inform them whether they have been invited to interview by 11 March 2020 at the latest.  

If you would prefer not to submit an application online, or are unable to:

  • You can download this copy of the above guidance, which includes an application form (word doc) for you to return by email or post
  • You can request to receive an application form by post by contacting PERC by email ( or phone (0207 594 9774)


  • Imperial College St Mary's Campus
  • Paddington
  • London