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16th June 2017

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Welcome to Voice North's monthly newsletter!

Find out about the upcoming opportunities in June plus the latest news and highlights!

In memory of Eric Landau

Everyone involved with Voice North was so sad to learn that Eric Landau has died. Eric was one of the very first members of Voice North and was actively involved in scores of projects, regularly attending events and workshops over 10 years. He was always enthusiastic and positive, and made an immense contribution  and difference to the work that he took part in, from helping to identify research topics, membership of advisory and steering groups, and in developing new products. He was particularly keen to work on projects which looked at arthritis and nutrition and was involved in Hospital Foodie with Professor Paula Moynihan, and a member of the Health Protection Research Unit Steering Group.     

Eric will be very much missed by all his friends at Voice North. We are hugely appreciative that he was involved and know he thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many friends and colleagues through his involvement with us and how much he valued the opportunties to exchange ideas and insights and how much we valued him. 

Dear VOICE member,

We hope you're all well - and managing with the current ever-developing situation regarding COVID-19.

As we mentioned in our email last week, the VOICE team is working to deliver a programme of online activities starting next week, so that we can continue to connect and learn together. If you would like to play a role in shaping these activities, you can do so by taking part in the opportunity listed below.

We realise that it’s a very concerning time for everyone at the moment, and we would really like to check in weekly on how our members are doing. Through this, and along with the programme of online activities, we hope to get a better understanding of the challenges our community is facing, but also we can together understand more about the many positive solutions and innovations that are being adopted during this difficult time.

We would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute to respond by clicking here or the image below. All of your answers will be anonymised, and may form the basis of future reports which we will of course share with you.

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Feel free to keep in touch any time - the whole team is online - by sending us an email at hello@voice-global.org.

Best wishes,

VOICE Head Office

Upcoming Opportunities

Participants are needed for a 4G kitchen project, if you have experience of living in a house with 2, 3, 4 or more generations, click the link below to find out more.

Soapbox Science will be held this month for the third year running in Newcastle city centre. Come along and learn about the amazing research female scientists from the North East are doing.

Please visit the Voice North platform for more information and many more opportunities!

The 4 Generational (4G) Kitchen
The 4 Generational (4G) Kitchen

An opportunity to influence the design of future kitchens for multigenerational ...

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Soapbox Science 2017
Soapbox Science 2017

Attend Soapbox Science Newcastle!

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During Dementia Awareness Week in May, we looked back on the Dementia and Incontinence Matters event held last November as part of Patient Month.

Following Voice North members' involvement in her Older Travellers and Technology Engagement project, Dr Amy Guo has shared her findings with us.

Dementia Awareness Week 2017
Dementia Awareness Week 2017

posted on 16th May 2017

For Dementia Awareness Week, we look back at the Dementia and Incontinence Matters event held last November as part of Patient Mon...

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How should technologies be developed for easy engagement?
How should technologies be developed for easy engagement?

posted on 5th June 2017

A project entitled older travellers and technology engagement (OTTE), commissioned by Transport Systems Catapult, funded by Depart...

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Coming up

The next Voice North website drop in session will take place on Wednesday 5th July, 13:30-15:00. Members of the team will be present to answer any questions that you have about using the website. Please let us know if you would like to attend. Book your place here.

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