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Expert in ageing receives damehood

Professor Dame Louise Robinson was recognised at Buckingham Palace for her services to Primary Care and for improving older people's qu...

  • 12/04/2019
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Alzheimer’s is linked to gum disease – but bad oral health is not the only culprit

For most people, teeth cleaning may just be a normal part of your daily routine. But what if the way you clean your teeth today, might ...

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The shocking state of oral health in our nursing homes, and how family members can helps

The recent report of a nursing home resident found with maggots in her mouth brings home how devastating neglected oral health can be. ...

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Dental Problems at A&E: why it matters

Charlotte Currie, Clinical Fellow in Oral Surgery at the Centre for Oral Health Research, School of Dental Sciences at Newcastle Univer...

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"Oral and Dental” Patient, Carer, Public Involvement (PCPI) group

The “Oral and Dental” Patient, Carer, Public Involvement (PCPI)  group meets every 3 months at Newcastle Dental Hospital. We always try...