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Our New Look


Our New Look

Four years ago, the first VOICE digital platform was launched with the aim of making it easier for members of the public to find out about and get involved in research and innovation.  The original platform was co-designed with VOICE members and it's testament to you that it has been such a success and why today the site should feel very familiar. 

Since then, we’ve learnt a lot, listened to feedback and made a growing wish-list of things to build, upgrade or tweak.  We love it that you aren’t shy about coming forward with your ideas and suggestions, many of which are included in this new release.  We also have a growing list of collaborators who’ve helped to propose changes for administrators who have the fun task of co-ordinating the magic behind the curtain.

Upgrades and new features

The updated platform includes changes to navigation and improvements to the site structure so that you can get to where you need to quickly.  We’ve expanded the filters on our content and also simplified the dashboard so you can see at a glance all of your activity and update your details.    

You might notice we have a new section called “Challenges and Ideas”.  This is a new area created in response to suggestions from VOICE members to support creative thinking and provide a home for issues that are important to you.  VOICE was established to ensure research and innovation were driven by genuine needs and we hope that this section provides a place for us to do just that.  We’ve launched with a couple of challenges to kick things off and if there’s one thing you do after reading this then please visit this new section and share your ideas or suggest a new challenge. 

There’s a whole host of smaller changes across the site to make the experience that much better for all of our visitors.  We also have a few more upgrades coming in the next few weeks which will include a new courses and resources area – more on that soon.

Thank you

We’re really proud of the new website and hope you like it too.  To all the VOICE members who have been involved (emailed, phoned, grabbed us at events to share your ideas) our collaborators (with special mention to Phil at Imperial College London) and the amazing team at Shout Digital we thank you!   

We’re never done though and have plenty of big ideas so would welcome your feedback, questions, comments, and ideas to [email protected]. You can also add your comments below.  Have fun exploring!




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30th October 2020

Where do I find the list of cookies used?

How to I block non-essential cookies?

If I block ALL cookies then the site does not work :(

How do I know which cookies are "non-essential"?



28th October 2020

It's been an absolute pleasure working on this!

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28th October 2020

Thanks for all your hard work on it, Rick! It looks amazing :)