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8 ways to keep your brain young and stave off mental decline

THE studies are cruelly consistent: by the age of 45, your basic cognitive abilities begin to slip. As we get older, the crucial brain regions involved in memory, attention and perception begin to shrink and no longer communicate with one another as efficiently as they once did. You may find that you aren’t quite as quick as you once were. It takes longer to recall where you left your keys, more effort to help your kids with their maths homework.

Except that isn’t the final word. There are plenty of science-backed strategies for keeping your brain fitter for longer. And it is never too late to begin.

1. Flex your mental muscle

2. Get moving

3. Look after your ears

4. Chill out

5. Find your purpose

6. Mix and mingle

7. Get your Zs

8. Mind what you eat


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