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Promising lung cancer treatment available on the NHS


Promising lung cancer treatment available on the NHS

  • 11/04/2019
  • Cancer

A new immunotherapy drug that can reduce the risk of death in some lung cancer patients by a third is now available on the NHS in England.

The treatment, durvalumab, has been trialled by experts at Newcastle University, and today the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has made the drug available through the NHS Cancer Drugs Fund.

Durvalumab is for patients suffering from locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (stage 3) who have already had another type of treatment (platinum-based chemoradiation).

Significant development

In clinical trials, durvalumab reduced risk of death by a third compared to current standard of care treatment. It works by helping the body's own immune system find, fight and kill cancer cells.

In the trial people taking it went for an average of around two years without the disease progressing, versus six months for those without. 

Dr Alastair Greystoke, from the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University, was part of a team that treated patients on an early access scheme.


To read the full article please visit Newcastle University Website



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