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New centre could revolutionise treatment of incurable diseases

A new centre will be set up in Newcastle to look at the development of cell, gene and tissue engineered therapies in the UK.

Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have been awarded one of three Advanced Therapies Treatment Centres that could revolutionise the management of incurable diseases.

The Northern Alliance Advanced Therapies Treatment Centre will bring together universities, advanced therapy companies and NHS organisations in the North of England and Scotland.

Great opportunity

The three year grant award from Innovate UK is worth £7m with contributions from commercial partners expected to unlock an additional £2m.

Professor James Shaw is clinical lead for the Institute of Cellular Medicine Regenerative Medicine, Transplantation and Fibrosis Theme and Newcastle University chief investigator for this grant. 

He said: “This is a great opportunity for Newcastle to lead the way in ensuring that the UK becomes the international first choice for advanced therapy trials and the most efficient in converting these into routine therapies transforming the lives of those living with chronic disease.

“In parallel with supporting later phase trials of existing products, I will ensure that the Alliance provides an accelerated pathway for successful translation of new therapies developed in Newcastle and beyond.”

Advanced therapies promise to mitigate, and in some cases cure, many of the degenerative diseases and cancers that afflict an ageing population.

They are, however, very different from traditional pharmaceutical medicines and are challenging to implement in a healthcare environment.

To read the full article please visit the Newcastle University website.

Published on 12 March 2018.


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