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VOICE Research Support Group

The VOICE Research Support group is formed of public volunteers who have an interest in research at Newcastle University. The group have assisted researchers by providing feedback and contributing their views on a range of different topics from arthritis research to driverless cars. The support that the group have provided has contributed to project success for many of our researchers:

“The VOICE Research Support Group have been absolutely brilliant and I feel very privileged to work with them! I have involved them in several of my research projects so far. Members of VOICE are on the Trial Steering Committee of major clinical trials that we lead from Newcastle including the British Heart Foundation SENIOR RITA trial; they have helped shape the patient information sheets for research studies and have provided their valuable insight from patient/lay member perspective on the research topic and even the design of the study.

We are very fortunate to have such a fantastic enthusiastic group who are willing to work with doctors/researchers like me in Newcastle to help shape the care we provide to our patients through clinical research".
Dr Vijay Kunadian, Clinical Research Fellow, Honorary Consultant, Institute of Cellular Medicine

We have also received positive feedback from our VOICE members who really value the opportunity to meet with researchers and contribute to the cutting-edge research taking place:

“The breadth of topics covered in the research support group has been so wide that I feel more in tune with current and future developments across society. It has been an excellent learning opportunity”.
VOICE Research Support Group member

On the 1 August we invited our VOICE Research Support group of 2017-2018 to join us for a meal to thank all members for the valuable contribution that they have made to research across the university.

Following feedback from our VOICE members and our researchers we are evolving the group to provide new opportunities for you to assist researchers and to engage with the research that is taking place.

A new programme of interesting activities will take place on the first Wednesday of every month from 10:00-15:15 from September 2018.          

We welcome new members and if you are interested in finding out more and taking part please click here.

Helen Atkinson
on behalf of the VOICE team


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