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Meet a Member - Steve Wilkinson

  • 13/07/2017
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Your chance to meet one of our members, Steve Wilkinson!

Hear about what Steve enjoys most about being a member of Voice North and what he has to say to anyone thinking of joining.

Steve also talks about an international awareness day he founded...!


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  • sandy harvey
    14th July 2017

    I totally agree Steve!

    It's especially interesting to be working with you on the GP pop-up research project.

    I've very much enjoyed geting to know both you, and all the others I have met.

    It's a great platform and so very valuable.

    Thank you all!

  • Ian Fairclough
    13th July 2017

    I totally agree with with Bob. I didn't know either him or Steve before joining Voice North, and it has been an experience in my life - mmm - OK - and a pleasure.

    Steve's sentiments about things to do, people to meet and help to give, are spot on.

    It is only through the Voice North link that we manage to this.

    The ability to continue learning in later life - the ability to help push the boundaries of science - the feeling of being of some use to society and the younger generation through working with Voice North and the University is a great feeling.

  • Robert Davidson
    13th July 2017

    Totally agree with Steve. I did not know Steve before I joined VoiceNorth but we are now good friends being members of the "VoiceNorth Boys' Club" who meet once a month for lunch.I am also good friends with several other members of VoiceNorth. I feel as an organisation we do not do enough publicity and I and I am sure many other Members of VoiceNorth would be happy to help with this.