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Members' Blog: What does Voice North do for me?

Adds years to my life - according to the 5 ways to stay well in later life.

Stay connected - I get out of the house and make new friends who I now meet regularly at events. I did a science degree 50 years ago and enjoy being involved in research again and keeping in touch with developments. Not to mention developing my IT skills - this is my first ever blog. (Will there be more now I've dipped my toe in the water?)

Get involved - from taking tests (memories of the 11plus?) and answering questionnaires to being involved in designing research projects and training the next generation of medics.

Learn something new - about genetics, rare diseases, new ways of providing healthcare and helping people to stay independent.

Exercise - you might be surprised by this. Simple! I walk to the meetings 1-2 miles each way depending on the venue.

Give something back - this is not just about me and what Voice North does for me but what we do for others. By contributing experience - whether advising on research projects; chairing steering committees; giving views in discussions and events - I know I'm doing my bit to improve the health and wellbeing of people who will benefit now and in the future from the researcher being done and the skills of well trained medics.

Voice North events are very lively - participants are not afraid to give their views. You don't have to walk to the venues. All are accessible and expenses are offered, including taxis where necessary. People with impaired hearing, sight and mobility join in.

Come and join us. I can promise you'll have great fun as well as adding many interesting years to your life.

Pamela Denham
Voice North member


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