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Members' Blog: NU-AGE

NU-AGE is a Newcastle University course for undergraduates and aims to introduce students to the importance of ageing in the 21st century.

NU-AGE is in its fourth year and brings together dedicated staff, interns, specialist lecturers, a wide range of students and an EXBEX team from Voice North. (Exbex are supposedly “experts by experience” who this year range in age from over 50 to just under 90) I have been allowed to participate every year and each one has brought excitement and stimulation to an older mind. I have learned a lot just meeting students from most corners of the world and then you add that their formal studies cover business, law, education, music, planning as well as a wide range of medicine and health degrees, I can forget that ageing is not just a problem for the NHS!

The fact that this is an innovative way of teaching and learning initiated by this University is beginning to be acknowledged elsewhere, most recently by their short listing for a Higher Education Academy award. The scope to widen the basic principles of making more use of the vast reservoir of intellectual capital within “the retired” and the range of abilities within students at the University is unlimited. It is easy to ask how and perhaps an answer could come from applying the “world cafe” format that has been the start of all four modules. Mix some known individuals say “professors”, with a wide variety of students and researchers, some “staff” with some non- academics, give them 5 minutes to say who they are, and why they want to talk about democracy or energy or cities or even education and understanding. Is that beyond the combined abilities of technology and this University?

There is still time to attend one of the NU-AGE lectures:

Tuesday 14th February - Biology of Ageing

Thursday 16th February - Housing solutions for older people

Tuesday 21st February - Older people and the arts

Tuesday 28th February - The language of ageing and ageism

Tuesday 7th March - Working and economy in later life

John Lloyd
Voice North member


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  • Ian Fairclough
    14th February 2017

    Congratulations John Lloyd - that was quite a reasoned description of a very interesting topic.