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Meet the researcher - Dr Sheena Ramsay

Meet Dr Sheena Ramsay, Clinical Senior Lecturer, Institute for Health and Society. She tells us what attracted her to Newcastle from UCL, as well as what her area of work is, how this links to ageing, and how she is keen to collaborate across Faculties for research projects that make a difference. 

What is your main area of research?

I am a Dental Surgeon and have specialised in Public Health. My research interests are in ageing, health inequalities and oral health of older people.

How does your work fit within ageing research?

Developing my work in Public Health I have taken an interest in ageing, chronic disease epidemiology including oral health – focussing on health inequalities in older people. I have been successful in obtaining MRC Fellowships which have allowed me to develop my research in these areas.

You have just finished working with University College London. What attracted you to Newcastle University?

There were three main attractions for me at Newcastle University: 1) Newcastle offers the mix of outstanding research expertise that was the right fit for me including ageing, inequalities and oral health. 2) The integration of research across disciplines (from biology to population health), across methodologies (from basic science to translational and intervention studies) and between research and practice (for example, FUSE), and 3) I had recently had very positive interactions with some leading researchers at Newcastle University which highlighted to me that this is a collaborative environment to work in. This is crucial for advancing science and research.

What are your research goals now that you’re here?

I have a particular interest in linking my research to public health practice and building on my research interests with the expertise offered at Newcastle. With this in mind, and with Newcastle University’s outstanding reputation in ageing research, dental science research, as well as public health, I aim to explore more about how oral health can be maintained in late life; not only where social inequalities are present, but also where individuals may experience multiple age-related health conditions which make dental health more difficult.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

I am based within the Institute for Health and Society which has such a rich breadth of expertise and I am keen to make the most of this tremendous strength of the Institute. I also see a lot of links for ageing research right across the University, both in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and in other Faculties – I would like to explore how we can make a positive impact on health and social care through combined projects.

Published on 21st November 2016 on the Newcastle University Institute for Ageing webpage.


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