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Sucking Eggs: Conversations on Ageing


Sucking Eggs: Conversations on Ageing

  • 15/12/2021
  • Innovation for Ageing, Health & Social Care Research

Sucking Eggs is a theatre production in collaboration with Newcastle University and Alphabetti Theatre which is built on the experiences of older people from VOICE, which examines how differently people experience ageing.

Peter is in his late sixties and has accepted his ageing with grace. He is kept busy caring for his mother and his ever-growing obsessions with the “state” of the “bloody" world. His slightly younger sister Maggie, however, is kicking and spitting about getting old and determined to do so as disgracefully as possible. The siblings often nip and scratch but in times of trouble know that blood is thicker than tea.

Sucking Eggs is a kitchen sink drama about what it means to grow old, written by Steve Byron and directed by Karen Traynor. Exploring real peoples experiences of growing older, Sucking Eggs presents a brilliant tool to start conversations around ageing.

Listen in on all the ‘Conversations on Ageing’ that we discussed around Sucking Eggs with

  • Nic Palmarini (UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing)
  • Barbara Douglas (The Elders Council Newcastle)
  • David Black (VOICE member and Sucking Eggs play group)
  • Mary Pickin (VOICE member and Sucking Eggs play group)
  • Facilitated by Charlie Wilkinson (Newcastle University & Sucking Eggs commissioning producer) Want to start your own conversations? Email [email protected] for access to the recorded performance of sucking eggs to organise your own screening.