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Member Blog: A Scarf a Week keeps coronavirus away


Member Blog: A Scarf a Week keeps coronavirus away

  • 10/12/2020
  • Innovation for Ageing, Health & wellbeing

After a minor stroke in early March, I had the idea in the middle of the night I would write a blog about my large collection of silk scarves collected over the years. I am 86 years old, nearly 87, live alone and realised I would have to isolate to stay safe from the Covid pandemic. I enlisted the help of my 21 year old art student granddaughter who set up a webpage and we were off. Although not a professional writer, I have a vivid imagination and have inherited a sense of adventure from my Scottish grandfather who went off to the Gold Rushes of America and Australia, my father who worked in Russia and Poland in the days of the Iron Curtain, Lapland, Ceylon as it was then, New Zealand and Africa. He was a storyteller and I must have it in my genes. I take no credit for that. I have also had lots of adventures myself along the way and travelled to exciting places. Every day for one hundred days, I photographed a scarf and wrote a tale or memory inspired by it whilst remaining in lockdown. The blog spread around the world and seemed to uplift others of my age and give encouragement to the lonely. I have a magic flying carpet which helps with the transport. The New York Times and the Sunday Telegraph picked up on my story. I only intended to keep myself sane and share my unusual way of writing my life story through my beautiful scarves. 

When lockdown eased by 4th July and one hundred blogs written, I dropped to one blog each Sunday. What now with lockdown facing me again?

As Friede Kahlo, the Mexican artist said.....FEET, WHAT DO I NEED YOU FOR WHEN I HAVE WINGS TO FLY?

Hazell Jacbobs
VOICE Member

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