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Age Does Not Define us: Rethinking Age & Ageing


Age Does Not Define us: Rethinking Age & Ageing

  • 07/09/2018
  • Culture & Society, Work, Ageing

A collaborative exhibition from the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and The Age of No Retirement, as part of The Great Exhibition of the North, at The Witham Art Gallery, Barnard Castle, September 4th – October 6th 2018.

Society is changing; demographics are changing. One of the major achievements of modern society is that people are living for longer - one in three babies born in the UK today will celebrate their 100th birthday.

Professor Patrick Bonnett of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing said: “Barnard Castle and Teesdale have a population which is ageing at a significantly higher rate than national and regional trends. Rurality, ageing and isolation often go hand in hand. However, as a society we are starting to realise the potential of this new age – an age where opportunities are vast and we are no longer bound by how old we are. The Witham in Barnard Castle serves an ageing population in a rurally isolated location and has an excellent track record of instigating projects and running activities that challenge existing stereotypes of what it is to be ‘old’; to understand that with a positive vision of ageing we can achieve so much more and to believe that our age does not define us. We are delighted to be holding this exhibition in this wonderful building as part of the Great Exhibition of the North’s ‘Inspired By’ Programme. We are also grateful to GSK Barnard Castle for their support and their promotion of the exhibition alongside their own Learning and Innovation Festival”.    

From September 4th – October 6th 2018 the National Innovation Centre for Ageing and The Age of No Retirement have created a collaborative exhibition: ‘Age Does Not Define Us’. Together we will showcase inspirational photography, films and a series of thought-provoking seminars including topics such as: why older people are the future of business, shattering ageing stereotypes and intergenerational dialogue through art. The personal narratives of people who demonstrate that age cannot and does not define them will encourage us all to radically rethink our understanding of age and ageing today. Age Does Not Define Us, is an exhibition for all ages. So join us to celebrate ageing and spread our message that: living our lives to the full has no age limit!

Age Does Not Define us web page.



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