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Monique Lhussier
12th July 2017

Undertaking sensitive research with frail older people

We are currently preparing a bid for research funding to further understand how and why a Community Wellness Team for frail older people (over 75 years) in the North East of England has reduced use of secondary care services, such as avoidable hospital admissions and attendance at A&E.

Through understanding this, we can share the learning to improve care of older people across the North East in their own home and reduce avoidable secondary care costs. We currently plan to collect data on hospital admissions, and speak to GP practice staff, their funders, and older people and their informal carers. 

We would like your opinions on:

-      How we involve frail older people, who often have multiple health issues and other problems, in our research, in the most sensitive and appropriate way?

-      Whether you think there will be any issues in us talking to older people's carers (in terms of confidentiality etc...)? How do we keep any such issues to a minimum?

-      Are there issues that we may not have thought of in terms of people's wishes on where they live and how they're cared for in their latter years?

-      Although they may have an impact on older people's ability to stay at home, we currently haven't involved care agencies in our research. Do you think we should? Are there any other groups or services that you think we should speak to? 

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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