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Dementia Care: Supporting Working Carers

Course Units

We have designed this course to support employed carers of people living with dementia. Each step should only take a few minutes to complete

Unit Steps (4)

  • Welcome to the Course
  • Course Outline
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • An Ageing Society

Exploring experiences of combining work and care

Unit Steps (6)

  • Introduction
  • Some facts about caring for someone with dementia
  • Did you know?
  • Impact of working and caring
  • Carer stories
  • Review

Carers and employers have highlighted that there is a need for more accessible information on dementia. Being able to describe dementia to your employer can help you talk about the challenges you face, and discuss options for support.

Unit Steps (4)

  • What is dementia?
  • Key facts about dementia
  • Issues you face
  • Review

Finding solutions that make caring more manageable can greatly improve your chances of staying in work. 

Unit Steps (7)

  • Support for your caring role
  • Changes an Employer Could Make
  • Small changes at work that could help
  • Support from colleagues
  • Using Annual Leave
  • Barriers to making a change
  • Case Study: Gateshead Carers Passport

Flexible working can mean altering working patterns or locations around caring responsibilities.

Unit Steps (5)

  • Options for flexible working
  • Right to Request Flexible Working
  • Formal Policies
  • Right time to ask
  • Section summary - options for flexible working

Understanding the benefits to you and your employer

Unit Steps (5)

  • Understanding the business case
  • Reasons for refusing a request
  • Benefits to Your Employer
  • Employer support for Stuart
  • Review

Summary and review of course objectives.

Unit Steps (6)

  • Summary
  • Course review
  • Course feedback
  • Advice from working carers
  • Getting support
  • Acknowledgements
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  • Simon Stinchcombe
    23rd November 2019

    Such a shame I had to get right to the end of the course to realise that it is not certificated or count towards My CPD although saying that it was a very interesting course

    Catherine  Butcher
    26th November 2019

    Thanks for your feedback Simon. CPD credits are something we are looking at and hoping to introduce in the future. Glad you enjoyed the course. We'll be adding new courses to the platform soon so keep a look out for those.