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Welcome to VOICE at Mobilise-D

Mobilise-D aims to improve and personalise care through novel digital technology. By continuously measuring everyday mobility with small wearable sensors, we can improve treatment and patient follow-up, and conduct more informative clinical trials. We can only achieve success by working with the people that we aim to benefit. Our focus is on people living with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and people recovering from hip fracture. To do this we want to work with you to understand how mobility problems affect your life, to develop digital solutions together with you for your needs and to engage with a wide community regarding our research and results. 

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Real World Stories

Mobility – how well people walk – is an important marker of health. With advanced age, as well as disease and injury, mobility challenges often become prominent. The COVID-19 breakout and the subsequent lockdowns all over the world put severe restrictions on everyone’s mobility. However, as it turns out, the effect on people’s mobility has not only been negative.
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Real World Stories

Tova Gur Arieh tries to live a full life and do daily things with as much energy as anyone – despite severe challenges. Two and a half years ago, Tova was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). Her walking has become more difficult, she had some falls, and she could feel her hand strength decline. However, Tova refused to let the PD diagnosis keep her down on the floor.  Instead, she acknowledged her diagnosis and continues to embrace life, for example by becoming a member of the Mobilise-D Patient and Public Advisory Group (PPAG). 

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Privacy Notice

Meet the Mobilise-D team

Dr Alison Keogh


Ann Gibson

Project Secretary

Professor Lynn Rochester

Principal Investigator

Professor Beatrix Vereijken

Dissemination Lead

Mara Gabriela Diaconu

Community manager

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