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Sharing world-class knowledge to inform, inspire and challenge.  Discover more about yourself and the world around through our opportunities for lifelong learning. 

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Working together with researchers and businesses you can get actively involved in identifying needs and developing solutions for a healthier, longer life. 

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Research depends on healthy volunteers and people with lived experience to take part in projects and trials.  Contributing your time can be a rewarding experience and can make a real difference. 

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Current Opportunities



A photo submission competition with the chance to win up to £250


Helping caregivers look at aspects of their caregiving situation in a positive way

An opportunity to pilot an intervention study designed to help caregivers look a...


Healthy eating behaviours

An opportunity to take part in an online questionnaire about healthy eating beha...


“We are volunteering the accumulated knowledge we have gathered over our entire life”

VOICE Member

About Voice

In contributing our experience, ideas, insights and vision, VOICE members become partners. They work with Universities and external organisations to:

  • Improve the focus, quality, relevance and impact of research
  • Stimulate and shape social and technological innovation
  • Enjoy lifelong learning and become research active citizens
  • Make a positive difference to the lives of communities across the globe
  • The involvement of VOICE members in research helps to focus academic knowledge, creativity and expertise on finding solutions and innovations that will make a difference to and have an impact on people's lives

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